Not a haiku per se...more of a seven, seven, seven, seven... *sheepish*

(I thought I was going to make it to Ba Sing Se with this one, but I don't think I made it out of Season one, really.)

Wake Up, Little Prince )


Apr. 18th, 2009 04:59 am
Er. Yes. To keep to correct form, I have cheated mightily with tenses. Very VERY late...For [ profile] tammylee: A certain cranky prince wanders the Earth Kingdom in past and present. ^___^ (Spoilers herein for Season 2 episode "The Cave of Two Lovers.")

Song After the Fire )


Mar. 27th, 2009 12:18 pm
How hard do I sucketh? Let me count the ways...

So you know how like BEFORE CHRISTMAS I apparently promised some drabbles? Rashly committed myself in return for a Zuko-Azula sketch? Right. Um. *fierce blush* Yeah -- I didn’t send out any Christmas cards either. (Look, the sketch was adorable.)

Inspired and shamed by [ profile] luckykitty and [ profile] tammylee who can fire off drabbles in a SINGLE BOUND, while having what looks to me suspiciously like FUN, I finally sat my ass down from midnight to 1:30 last night and wrote [ profile] ladyegreen’s one. (Ladyegreen who did HER drabbles right away.) Ladye, I may possibly have cheated slightly with the time frame. *shifty*

I have never done this before, i.e., I’ve never managed to write something on specific request. I’ve still never managed to constrain myself to 100 words. (Although I’ve done Fun With Haiku with [ profile] corvus_imbrifer and others elsewhere, so maybe if I gave this a proper shot at some point I wouldn’t be so convinced I’m incapable.)

Next, I have to tackle “Zuko in Ba Sing Se,” huh. (Did I mention I’ve also never fanficced anything but YST? They’re easy! They are blank slates! Canon be damned!)


ALL RIGHT. So. For Ladye, presenting (1,000 words of un-beta'd): Into the Woods )
I think the following might top this as the funniest Amazon review ever...

Amazon Review: The Secret

(The first one may have a slight edge because of spontaneous group participation...but the second might have the advantage, because for a moment there it fooled me.)
*CANNOT edit this f*cker anymore*
*grits teeth*
What the hell, this is LJ after all, I can still edit it, later... tweak it... color it blue... remove it and deny all knowledge of its existence...

The file info says I actually started this piece o' thing in JUNE OF TWO THOUSAND. I thought it was later. Lost interest/procrastinated/got distracted/let it slide. Regained interest (took years, apparently). Lost the file (actually, burglars relived me of the whole damn laptop). Found a copy, tweaked, it, lost the thing again in late 2006 (my memory key!! *sobs* gone forever...) and was left with only the earliest hole-filled drafts. Gave it up. Found a random printout last year, retyped summat like 50 pages, introducing new and spectacular typos along the way... why am I doing this again? LOL

So. Uh. Here is...pretty much an elongated embarrassing love song to one Sanada Ryo. (Er... do we even do that kind of thing anymore? *blush*) PG-13 at worst. Language? All slashitude merely alluded to. There is armor. And fire.

Of the Wildfire (part 1 )

I feel I should express some gratitude here. ^__^

Gratitude ^__^ )

So um, yeah. (I can't believe I'm doing this...)

Spent about three and a half hours tweaking and rewriting about three pages (1563 words), then realized they were tangential to the plot, not very enlightening, rather confused, and ultimately self-indulgent, and have had to scrap the whole shebang. WAAAAASTE.

But I killed my darling. \0/ So I am annoyed, yet slightly proud. (Less proud because I know I'm going to be searching for a way to stick that stuff back in later... ~__^)


Dec. 3rd, 2007 05:38 pm
Does the art/animation of Avatar: The Last Airbender in "Day of Black Sun" seem... different, to anybody? No? Just me? Okay.

my Avatar chant )

My prediction? )

I don't know how I feel about the complete and utter bloodlessness of war as it appears in U.S. cartoons, either. On the one hand, hell no, I would not want my kid traumatized. But I don't know if I approve of giving the kid the idea that everyone comes through violent conflict safely -- contributes to that war-as-video-game mentality too many in the U.S. already have, I think. In Japan, when there is fighting, even in kids' shows, there is blood and people die (which is exactly why I got so addicted to anime at age 11), and they are very, very attached to their pacifism and not stirring up shit quite so much, over there. (There are pros and cons for both outlooks, obviously, but there has to be a happy medium somewhere.)

"Tin Man" -- eh, this doesn't need an LJ cut. Tin Man... could be better. Still intrigued, though, but that's mainly because of affection for the source material (and Alan Cumming), I think.

So I'm watching this adaptation, and all I can think is:

Damn -- you know, if it were me, given the choice between one brief scene of full or partial nudity versus spending the entire film with my breasts encased like sausage, so that I am essentially acting through my breasts, or indeed, my breasts were doing the acting for me -- I would seriously rather do one quick nude scene, even a gratuitous, plot-free nude scene (y'know, toss a little sum-um sum-um to the 14-year-old-straight-boy target demo, it's unavoidable so might as well just go with it), and then be covered to the neck, elbow and ankle for the rest of the film. Or maybe I just wish this for Kathleen Robertson. That satin dress looks downright painful. Not to mention, the whole "I am evil" = "look at my boobies!" school of acting is starting to get on my nerves -- it's not scary, first and foremost.

In other news -- I am losing my ability to write pr0n with a straight face. It's been so long, I can actually feel myself blushing. And writing [fill this in later!!] in brackets. Not good.


Jan. 26th, 2005 12:55 am
tsubaki_ny: (Tsu)
It's almost a year to the day that I last worked on this. (THAT version is past and gone with the ages, out the window and down the fire escape, along with the laptop it was composed on.) It is starting to be fun again. If silly. ^_^

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