Vetevendosje -- Kosovars rally for self-determination

(And domestic)

Obama: Luck? [Obsidian Wings]


A McCain-Palin Tussle

(Just updated my links list to include poll-data sites -- voila!)
Michael Totten on the Georgia/Russia situation.

He's thorough. Reeeeeeally thorough. (Or at least, interviews people who are.)

This is what I'm greeted with as I poke my head out from the subway darkness into the marquee lights of Times Square.

Thousands of Turkish troops cross border into Iraq

Always and ever. No matter who "wins," Kurds lose.
This is... not small.

Sayonara, Salaryman

More importantly, it meant stability. Employment was more or less guaranteed until retirement. Wages were low at first but increased predictably until the pension arrived to see the salaryman through his silver years. Training was provided. Perks abounded. The firm looked after the employee and his family. In return, the salaryman devoted his life to the firm. A university graduate did not choose a career; he chose a company.

To speak to a Japanese person of thirty or older, the above is... a cornerstone of life and What One Does, really. Urban life at the very least. If indeed such drastic change is imminent or already taking place, it will be interesting to see how and if things transform.
This was fascinating.

What stands out for me is a sense of optimism (despite some, er, subtle contradictions, there). It's always good to hear people, not pundits, speak for themselves. "Dollar a Day: How the World's Poorest Spend Their Money"

"In 1981, 40 percent of the world's people lived on less than $1 a day, according to Shaohua Chen and Martin Ravallion of the World Bank. The figure plummeted to 21 percent by 2001 and may be as low 15 percent by 2015. We can hope."

Last night, watched "The Magdelene Sisters" yet again instead of getting any work done. Ah well.

Just Finished: Conversations With the Devil by Jeff Rovin
Reading Now: Gypsy by Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm
Halfway done but got distracted: Fluke, Or I know why the Winged Whale Sings by Christopher Moore
Read Yesterday, despite better judgment because I KNEW it, I KNEW it: Banana Fish Vol 19 by Fucking Sadist Yoshida Akemi, I was SO much happier in denial!!!

mild spoilers )
Day off -- sorta -- tomorrow. Fifty million calls to be made. Sleepy.

What Happens When Your Country Isn't Weird About Sex?

Lower rates than ours of pregnancy, childbirth, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases among teens.

The longer I live my life, the more I become convinced that my path needs to lead me elsewhere. (But where?)



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