Jul. 15th, 2010 04:53 pm
I met him in the quiet dimness of a Times Square cinema, just as the curtains went up and the lights came down.

Sure, the voice was hot -- sultry, deep, not overbearing -- and the smooth washboard abs didn’t hurt matters at all, but what really drew me to him?

He made me laugh.

I have a crush on an Old Spice Commercial. )
I think I could live with never, ever, ever hearing Matt Smith say "Baby" again. Weird. ^______^

And furthermore:


I particularly like the logic in this comment by Kit (sixth one down, and arguing with the OP somewhat):

"Smith isn't just good at portraying an old being in a young body, he's extraordinary at portraying the Classic Doctor in Matt Smith's body, in a way that Eccleston and Tennant either couldn't or didn't wish to. For the viewers who are familiar with the old series, this provides a convenient shortcut to characterization- we know Smith's Doctor already because we've watched him for 26 years, and we see a character arc spanning the entire course of the show's run. It's illusory- it was created by chance and actor changes and cobbled-together plot arcs penned by writers who never even met- but especially for someone like me, seeing the show after the fact as a single aggregate entity, it's impossible not to read it as teleological. This season and Smith's Doctor become a late chapter in a thick book rather than an independent novella, and so for us the character isn't a cypher because the character work was already done in earlier chapters."
I for one wholly and fully support Robert Pattinson’s new Extreme Waxed Moustache.

(Grrrrr. Were it not for "Twilight" I would have no qualms about openly admitting how desperate I am to see this film my vague and slight and wholly art-history-based mild interest in this film.)
Father god, this is so cute I may have to leave the room. (Also... Vic Mignogna's singing voice is really sweet.)

Edward Elric meets Edward Elric )


Read more... )

Which somehow leads to Grey DeLisle in New Zealand )

Close your eyes and picture Azula being adorable and drinking Starbucks.

(This is what too much time following TV Tropes links will do to me you. SLEEP. NOW.)
Dammit, I cried.

I don't even LIKE dogs!! )

smelly and drooly and give me asthma symptoms and poop inappropriately and yuk and GODDAMMIT THAT'S SO CUTE *sniff*
lookit lookit the little red panda babies going Raaaaargh --

Oh god so TOUGH

COMBO: a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

This is brilliant. (I think it loops twice, though.)
Veddy interesting. A comparison of Twilight and Flowers in the Attic.

1. I never, ever was under the impression that the Dollenganger series was YA lit. Un-deep lit, sure, but YA? I had to hide that thing from adults. ^____^ Possibly it was marketed differently in England.

2. I've heard this analysis of Twilight as BDSM before. More in-depth here.

Doctor Horrible Parody! )


Apr. 24th, 2009 05:28 pm
I kinda love this kid. (Particularly, the humor with which he takes this. Eventually, anyway. :-D) Nicked from FourFour. click for videos )

And... Space Pics! Inspiring. (I'd say you should make your screen as big as you can for this one.)



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