Mar. 27th, 2009

Yeah... this is kind of gross. Baby Bangs

Yes, it is fake hair for infants. Let's start that inferiority complex early! (Actually I don't think they'll get a complex at that age. I do think they'll yank it off and drop it on the floor fifty times, giggling while you retrieve it again and again as you wonder how your own personal vanity and/or complete ignorance of child development could have led you to make such a purchase. Hope it's not a choking hazard.)

Addendum: Oh god.


Mar. 27th, 2009 12:18 pm
How hard do I sucketh? Let me count the ways...

So you know how like BEFORE CHRISTMAS I apparently promised some drabbles? Rashly committed myself in return for a Zuko-Azula sketch? Right. Um. *fierce blush* Yeah -- I didn’t send out any Christmas cards either. (Look, the sketch was adorable.)

Inspired and shamed by [ profile] luckykitty and [ profile] tammylee who can fire off drabbles in a SINGLE BOUND, while having what looks to me suspiciously like FUN, I finally sat my ass down from midnight to 1:30 last night and wrote [ profile] ladyegreen’s one. (Ladyegreen who did HER drabbles right away.) Ladye, I may possibly have cheated slightly with the time frame. *shifty*

I have never done this before, i.e., I’ve never managed to write something on specific request. I’ve still never managed to constrain myself to 100 words. (Although I’ve done Fun With Haiku with [ profile] corvus_imbrifer and others elsewhere, so maybe if I gave this a proper shot at some point I wouldn’t be so convinced I’m incapable.)

Next, I have to tackle “Zuko in Ba Sing Se,” huh. (Did I mention I’ve also never fanficced anything but YST? They’re easy! They are blank slates! Canon be damned!)


ALL RIGHT. So. For Ladye, presenting (1,000 words of un-beta'd): Into the Woods )



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