Sep. 25th, 2009

Wheel of Time fans praise [Bradon Sanderson's] new chapter

I had every intention of finishing this series when I stopped reading it back in 1996. Now, I just don't know if I have the stamina. Because you'd HAVE to start from the beginning, y'know? It's one of those things I sorta-kinda want to read just to have read it, not because I think there'll be much enjoyment in it. (Which means this will never happen. And if it does, it's going to be the same way I experience Tolkien nowadays -- through exciting Wiki entries. I'm not kidding, I freaking love the LoTR Wiki entries. I've wasted hours on them.) I feel the same about Goodkind -- it's an academic curiosity at best.

(EDIT: Er -- I do not feel the same way about Goodkind as Tolkien. I admire Tolkien. Actually, I feel more warmly towards Jordan than Goodkind to boot -- I just mean the curiosity about the books is academic.) (I think I didn't actually clear anything up, there...)

I'm sad about that. I remember really rabidly envying the world, the wheel of time concept, and the creativity/research that went into it.

[Some] Australian schools ban Twilight
I have nothing good to say about these books, nothing at all, but this troubles me. I'm not savvy enough about book-banning -- for ages and ages I accepted that it was a big deal, but I didn't get why it was such a big deal, because I went to a teeny religious school with about four books in an underfunded library that was never actually open, and anything I wanted to read was available to me at any of the five boroughs multiple public libraries as soon as I hit 12 years old and got the "big people" library card. (I do get it now.) So... I have to know more about how this works. Are school libraries and not public/state ones the source of books for most kids in [insert name of country/state/city here]?

Psst. [ profile] sraets didn't tell me that Robin Hobb's new book The Dragon Keepers existed, let alone is available on RIGHT NOW. Must decide how to handle this crushing blow. ;-) [/book pimpage thinly disguised as passive aggression]
COMBO: a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

This is brilliant. (I think it loops twice, though.)
Something I need to seriously keep in mind.

What's Age got to do with it?

Explaining why that resonates with me would be a little tedious. :-D But here's a good snippet:

"I think what bothers me about this constant, “OMG this book is amazing! And the author was only 12!” is that it undercuts the idea that those of us who make a living writing (or creating other art) work really hard at and strive to improve. It feed into the myth of genius, of someone just producing great work full blown out of no where, without an apprenticeship, without any hard yakka, or learning, or improving. I happen not to believe in genius. I don’t believe art comes out of nowhere."



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