Nobody told me he was Canadian! I heart Wolverine

I saw Goosey in amongst the cherry blossoms and rain this Sunday. Goose is now the length of my torso. 0_0 (Apparently the length of my torso is 28 inches? I have to verify that. For context, he was the length of his mother's torso about a month and a half after he was born.) And HEAVY.

(Such a magnanimous baby. Even when he's just woken up...)
I had no idea the problem was this extensive.

(Seriously, I didn't.)
Chris Sims gives an engrossing character analysis of Batman's Joker on the Invincible Super Blog.
Finally saw "Iron Man," last night. Loved it. I think it was a bit...thin? Straightforward? I don't know. But they managed to make a lot of things that should have been snoozeworthy absolutely gripping.

Gwyneth Paltrow's character was cute but bugged me. (Very...helpless. Smart, but helpless.) I don't think I'd go back to see the film several times (although I think it's partially because "The Dark Knight" hype is overshadowing it), but I certainly intend to see the sequel.

Which brings me to a problem I have -- seriously, people? Could you stop putting pivotal scenes after ten minutes of credits? Because NO ONE IS LEFT IN THE THEATER. As a trend this is no longer funny. I'm there with, like, 2 other people halfway out the exit door and Samuel L. Jackson shows up with crucial information. QUIT IT.

Overall, excellent, organic CGI (WANT that suit OMG); original plot; good acting and good characters.

However, Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark in such a manner that it was like watching my boss onscreen. Down to mannerisms and speech patterns. (Just...a bit less with the F-word.) Every one in the office said it, but I had to see it to believe it, and...damn. Very disturbing in light of the intense crush I had on Downey back in the day...

(Random: A long time ago -- pre 9-11 -- I took a Japanese class with one of the pencillers for Iron Man who seemed to be going through a very difficult time. I wonder if she's okay. I wonder how the hell I could find that out if I no longer have the issues she pencilled...)
I fell for this. Sonnabicchi! (In my defense, I thought I was clicking on a Dear Prudence vid on

More fun: Things I Will Do if I Am Ever the Vampire

Sesshomaru puppy!

So am I misinterpreting, or has Joss Whedon finally crossed the definitive line into BWAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU ALL I'm Joss Whedon, Bitch! territory? That whole "I can do whatever I want cuz I'm ME, and you'll LIKE it!"*** area? I guess it all depends on how this pans out. (Spoilers for upcoming issue of Buffy Season 8 under this link and after the cut. BIG DAMN SPOILERS. With pictures, on that link. Although K. tells me this has already been covered in the goddamn New York Times -- spoilers herein as well --how did I miss this???)

I mean, haven't we been through this before? )

And in further stuff -- Spitzer. Come on, news organizations of the world. There is a big damn difference between "involved in a prostitution ring" and "patronizing a prostitute." I mean really. First time you say it, you get a mild pass, but if you're still dressing the man in a pimp hat, cane, and fur coat two and three days later, you're just being shitty for ratings.

And due to lack of further info, that is all I have to say.

*** Not that there isn't a considerable element of truth to that.

Oh. Oh my.

Mar. 7th, 2008 04:30 pm
Chris's Invincible Superblog presents:

The Greatest Archie Panel Ever

"Hot dogs have always played a big role... in the life of Riverdale... like the time Jug and I agreed to share a humongous 18-inch..."

Mein gott, the second panel...
tsubaki_ny: (here I come to save the day)
Superman and Batman spend a special night together

It's CANON, beyatches. (Also, possibly, NOT news to anyone. ^___^)

Aaaand apparently I'm from Philadelphia. People do tend to ask me where I'm from a lot, come to think of it...But I only went there ONCE! )



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