Ta-Nehisi: Food. We Need Food.

"The culture is complicated--and its more American than it is hood. I would encourage people to think about all the negative ways we cope. The upper-class may not be fat, but in my experience, they know their way around the tequila bottle. "
I can't remember hearing anything more disgusting than the following in my life. I could have holes in my memory at present. But damn.

"2. Every health care system rations care. The Canadians, Brits, and Cubans do it on a rational basis of cost vs. quality of life or productive life determined by a panel. In the US, which the right ignores, we ration care through the invisible hand of the market. Those who are the most productive can afford the quickest care. Those less productive receive it less timely. "Collapse" by Jared Diamond and "Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith, might provide some background on why nations need to promote productivity. It’s not a matter of who gets healthcare, it’s a matter of “when”. There is no “when” in America, however, if the medical procedure is statim."

(Please note that Mr. Gill is not complaining.)

(One "Karl" answers back point-by-point)

"2. Yes, every system rations care. The first sentence is correct, but then you fall apart again. By the way, I know exactly where you get the idea that there is a "panel" somewhere with a big stack of files in front of them. It's that panel where they're all wearing furry hats, smoking filterless cigarettes, and proclaiming "DA" or "NYET" to every decision a doctor makes. It's called an "Insurance Claim Review Board" and they're all over the United States. Now here in Canada (you probably won't believe this, but *shrug*), there is no such thing as an Insurance Claim Review Board. The decision on treatment is completely in the hands of the doctor. He or She doesn't have to seek pre-approval from any insurance provider. From the documentaries I've seen, this is the exact opposite in the USA where every doctor must spend an enormous amount of time dealing with insurers and fighting for coverage.

But as far as rationing goes, you got it wrong. Health care in Canada is rationed on the basis of need, period. The level of care is exactly the same as any average American with good health insurance would get. The difference is for the people that have no insurance. It's funny that you mention angina. Many of the documentaries that I've seen have stated the same thing, namely that heart attacks are the main cause of bankruptcy in the USA.

Your quip about being 'sent home with pills' in point number one is also a projection of your own system and no one else's. I've seen the varies investigations that we've all seen on TV when it comes to this. A huge number of Americans do not seek medical care during all the stages that lead up to serious illness simply because they can not afford it. If they are prescribed drugs, some will cut their dosages in half without telling their doctors so that it lasts longer. Or, they will seek out Canadian pharmacies to buy the exact same drugs at a reasonable price. Do you know that there have been news reports on Canadian television showing American families with vans full of kids, or granny and gramps in their wheelchairs, driving across the border to visit Canadian pharmacies because it's the only way they can afford 6 months worth of pills? And why do they rely solely on the pills? Because there is no way they can afford the operation that would correct the problem, that's why."

(the Ebert article from the top)
A Vaccine Debate Once Focused on Sex Shifts as Boys Join the Target Market

Because male sexual health must be protected, while “women’s health” gets scare/air quotes from those in the highest echelons of power. Because it’s far more important to punish the sluts. SO much so that there were local political MOVEMENTS to ban the vaccine. Your behavior, ladies, is more important than your life. And we’re soooooo much better than those *ahem* dark-skinned folks who do all that honor killing, right? It’s a matter of degree and nothing else, and I am breathless with the hypocrisy.

I’ll be reasonable later.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this were an April Fool?
Good lord. And I thought it sucked at twelve-and-a-half.

girl enters puberty at three
Neil has the right attitude; I have had the wrong one.

Thank you, Neil. Love you, Terry.

EDIT: That is, Neil and [livejournal.com profile] emilytarot !!!! have had the right attitude. I'll endeavor to emulate.

(I bet you thought I didn't notice you there.) ^__^
I can see! Mostly!

Permission to wear contacts again, granted Tuesday, commenced Wednesday. Still slightly achy in the head, but 'tis to be expected (and I have a sneaking suspicion it's probably more than half from the strain of wearing crappy-ass glasses.)

I can READ! I can WATCH TELEVISION without having to rest with eyes shut every fifteen minutes! *joie* No more stomach-gouging pain meds! I am IN... um... LESS DANGER from passing trucks, since I am rocking with the peripheral vision! NO MORE -- well, SIGNIFICANTLY FEWER floaters!! Or "cells" or whatever the fuck they were, anyway the Blurry is down to a dull roar.

In further, more important news, Aforementioned Friend's Dad is still in a bad way -- the good news being, aside from the lungs he's in excellent health and so is pretty much at the top of the donor list. (I have no idea how this works, but it sounded good?)

So much to catch up on. People. Friends. WORK. Gah. (How and where is everybody? ^_^) Jesus. *feels neglectful*
One of my best friends just wrote to tell me her dad needs a lung transplant.

A lung transplant.

Because he once accidentally etched his lungs instead of the steel he was working with by breathing in at the wrong time, his 1/2 capacity lungs are putting such a strain on his heart that today, it stopped.

I can't even begin to know how to respond to this. What comforting thing should I say?

(Also she is in a foreign country at the moment.)

This is one of those times I miss being religious -- it was more... stable to be able to say "my prayers are with you" and have it be actually a meaningful statement. "My thoughts and positive meditations are with you" doesn't have nearly the same punch .

(Offered to help her buy a ticket home, but she doesn't need it yet. He has to go on a list.)

Her dad is a brilliant and wonderful man, and too young for this shit. Prayers appreciated from those who do; positive wishes from anyone.
Confirmed:I have this

So now they want to give me blood tests and biopsies and chest x-rays oh my to make sure I don't have this
which hits primarily African Americans and Swedes/Danes, which is kind of a weird sort of demographic overlap.

cut for mild bitchery )


Nov. 1st, 2006 04:24 am
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It never fails to amuse me (every so often, when I notice a particularly egregiously stolen gacked plotline, line, or say, evil-creepy-thing-costume/effect) the people I encounter in such a variety of walks of life, who went out of their way to *bleah* on "Buffy" et al for about a decade, but are now fangirling over "Supernatural" like some kind of extinct exotic fruit. Granted, "Supernatural" has a much higher quotient of constantly-featured-front-and-center hot. If you're into guys.

Works for me, either way -- there's a reason I love this genre. (*clutches weepy-Dean to bosom*)

In other news:

Scleral buckling surgery: $2,000
Pneumatic retinopexy: $1,800
vitrectomy:$818 per eye
Reservation of hospital premises: $1,500

NOT NEEDING ANY OF THIS SHIT (knock wood!!): Priceless

(yah, that was old but oh so satisfying)


(Still can't quite see out of right eye, but am assured eyeball is not coming apart in chunks, so WHEE!! And also I have drugs in small droppy bottles.)
"Wow, you've got a lot of cells!"

Whuh the huh??

When I was fifteen, I remember having an eye doctor peer into my skull like this. I have only just recently stopped being embarrassed over that day, partially because of the extremely loud, red, metal-trimmed skirt I thought was a good idea to pair with a glittery sweater and opaqe tights in public (shaddup, it was the 80s), and partially because of the attack of nonstop giggles that struck me in the chair, as Mr. Doctor Man put his face directly into my face and began moving his head from side to side in a (to my unformed teenage mind) horrible and exaggerated parody of soap star kissing. With a side order of crazy alien-bugeye-looking optical device. I could not stop. I giggled like a fool. Could not keep my eyes open to be examined. There may have been something mildly akin to a spit-take, I don't know, I've blocked it out. Doctor Man was justifiably pissed. I left that office ashamed for my gender, my age group, probably my race and a couple of other demographics. Plus my new glasses were hideous.

I have only just recently, all at once stopped feeling the humiliation of that day, because, well, really -- I was freaking fifteen.

SO, anyway... on Wednesday I'm sitting in the doctor's chair feeling calmly adult and reflecting on how far I've come as he peers and rotates his attractive blond head in infiltration of my personal space, when he says to me: "Wow, that's a lot of cells you have there!"

There is silence. And more silence. And then me:

"Er... Okay. Well. That is probably the scariest thing I've heard in six months and you can't just say that and leave it with no explanation for the non science people please??" (I said pretty much exactly that. With up-talking.)

"Oh!" He sounds surprised. "Well, no need to worry, I'm just seeing a lot of material in here."

Thanks doc, that clears everything up.

"Tell me, have you been experiencing any time of joint pain? Stiffness in the lower back?"


"No my back is fine um I should be experiencing joint pain why???!"

"Sometimes these symptoms are associated with certain rheumatoid condi---"

EYEBALL CANCERRRRRR!!!! hollers my not-so-subconscious.

I do not pass out. I am proud of me.

So what the hell is all this? Read more... )
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Feeling a lack of control over your job can give you heart disease. (I thought the US was supposed to be where people had more job mobility?? I also thought this article was heading toward issues of prenatal care.)

I am going to freelance FOREVER. (And drink ginger tea.)




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