Worst job EVER

I mean, OH, the HORROR. Oh man, am I ever glad for that umpteen-K student debt NOW.

*cries for the shambles that is my life*


Amen )

(I'll be in my bunk)
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I love this picture. It makes Tom Welling look short. ^_^ (Ignore the blonde.)

(Note: I was going to post this earlier today, but I got to reading and browsing and clicking on assorted and sundry Jared Padelecki links (at work, no less) and I just had to go. Turn off the forums, exit the browser, walk around, cool off, get coffee, breathe. All that stuff. I wish I were joking, it would be much more dignified if it were a joke.

Plus, there was, er, a picture I needed that I couldn't find. No, really! (Thanks [livejournal.com profile] charliee ~_^) So this is what I was going to write on a "Dean vs. Sam" message board:

I found, it, I found it!

This is a scene I've been trying to remember for a couple of days now; it so captures what I want to say. This is a quote from “The American" by Henry James (Chapter 3)
Newman looked at Mrs. Tristram a while, stroking his mustache. "Is she a beauty?" he demanded.
"Oh, then it's no use--"
"She is not a beauty, but she is beautiful, two very different things. A beauty has no faults in her face, the face of a beautiful woman may have faults that only deepen its charm."
"I remember Madame de Cintre, now," said Tristram. "She is as plain as a pike-staff. A man wouldn't look at her twice."
"In saying that HE would not look at her twice, my husband sufficiently describes her," Mrs. Tristram rejoined.
"Is she good; is she clever?" Newman asked.
"She is perfect!I won't say more than that. When you are praising a person to another who is to know her, it is bad policy to go into details. I won't exaggerate. I simply recommend her. Among all women I have known she stands alone; she is of a different clay."

He's not "a beauty" -- Jensen Ackles is that, with his full pink lips, large eyes, wideset sweet and unthreatening cheekbones, smooth, cragless grin (aw!) and regular features. He's flawless, nearly feminine, and because of that, he does nothing for me. Kind of a... Ken-like effect. (I'm kind of surprised by myself, at that; I totally see, scientifically, why the majority of the fen are swooning, but I stare and stare, and -- nothin'. If his voice wasn't so awesome, if he was a tenor or something instead of that nice rich baritone, I might have to go elsewhere entirely, like to PBS. Caveat: I do enjoy him very muchly when my eyes are shut. Otherwise? Porcelain figurine.)

But Jared? Is funny looking. At times, he can distinctly border on the simian, (and loves puppies, apparently, omgomg...) Seriously. It... almost... should not work. He's got an elongated chin, a prominent forehead,a nose that spreads (!!) intermittently, and is, well, not excessively endowed in the soft pillowy lip department.

But it works. It gives him an uncommon variety of expression (even when I complain about him in his fighting with DaddyJohn scenes, his face works fine, I think it's his voice that is incongruous. Mabye body language?) It's what lets him do that thing he does, when he looks all tough and/or mature and/or craggy, and then like a small young puppy the next. It enables the transformation -- the rough edges make him real, graspable, a man (OH man), something to hold on to, but then when he smiles -- he glides into the sublime, the edges are gone, the transformation miraculous. It turns this huge, unwieldy, shaggy, six-foot-god-knows-what person into a pleading child. It's crazy. How can I be expected to cope with that?

I look at him and my god,

I'm not even a butt person -- in fact, I've always been slightly suspicious that women who say they are, are full of it -- but JEEBUS, I AM NOT A STONE!

What the hell am I supposed to do?


Father God.

It's like I said in my initial note. You know, generally when I'm fangirling about on the Internet typing "tee hee!" and *swoon* “soooo kewt"and other such garbage, I am usually fully in control of myself and JOKING. My heart is not reallyskipping any bloody beats. It's participation. The joy of community. You know? Fun times.


Right now? I am not joking.

The Deans of the world will always win**, I know, but that's fine with me, cos there's fewer folk I need to beat a path through to get to the object(s) of my affection.

Here's to the funny faces. ;-)

**(although Brad P is beating Tom C!!!)

PS But, you know, dudes, I don't even know how to feel about this one.

That's just fucking ridiculous. holy... tumminess
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Overheard on the TWoP boards. (I’m cutting the guy’s name because it feels like the ethical thing to do. If you really need to know, it’s all on the “ACTOR: Jared Padalecki” message board):

Three things.
1) I'm a guy.
2) I'm straight.
3) I would totally f$ck Jared Padalecki.

I'm man enough to admit that.

--[...], What about Jensen?

Not so much. Part of it is looks; you gals (and gay dudes) seem to like the duck-lips, but I find them disconcerting. Part of it is attitude; Jared seems like he'd be more willing to go with the flow, while Jensen would probably want to be silently in charge. Part of it is I'm bitter because my last girlfriend once told me that she'd leave me for a one-night stand with JAckles.

Also, I doubt Jensen cuddles.

--We need to make you an honorary fangirl, [...].

Do I get a certificate and everything? What's the induction ceremony like? Because I refused to join a fraternity for fear of paddling.

--Hee. I too am now a fan of [...]. Who knew you could get a harem just by admitting you're a straight man who'd hit that?

[ASIDE FROM ME, TSU: We knew!!! Yaoi fandom, represent!!]

Seriously. I wish I could say that this was my plan all along, but nope. I guess girls just dig the straight-shooting*.

*See, cause it's a pun and it's self-consciously ironic. I'M SO WITTY.

--I think that's what we fondly refer to as "adorkable".

God, to look at JPad's chest is to invite existential holocaust, at least if you're a straight man.

Very few people are completely straight or completely gay. That is why I am able to deal with the fact that (as I mentioned before) I would not have any kind of problem having sex with Jared Padalecki. Allow me to say that I have never in my life been more conscious of my incomplete straightness than when I saw that towel scene. I was watching it with three girls and one guy. The three girls squealed. The other guy (whose girlfriend was sitting right next to him) shot me an uncomfortable look, the subtext of which was very clearly 'is it okay that my boy parts are tingling right now?'

I gave him a 'dude, I know' look and just nodded.

[EDIT: it's an epidemic!!]
--Hee. Paddywhack and Jennybean transcend the culturally-imposed confines of sexual orientation! GLAAD should be giving Supernatural some kind of award. :D

--I was re-watching Hell House last night, and my husband was wandering in and out of the room. He had me rewind the scene to get a better look. So, you're not the only one ;) He's commented before on Jared, and is more than a little surprised I prefer Jensen. Not that I'd say no to either of them.

--Same here with my bloke, I caught him gawping at the computer as I constantly rewound the clip of that scene...although, generally,he admits to being a Dean guy and will start all sorts of conversations up about Dean. And my bloke is a guy who would most definately consider himself to be 100% straight!!! The lines are definately getting blurred these days! :-)


Mar. 31st, 2006 01:54 pm

For lo! How I am beloved by God
He hath bestowed upon me visions to delight mine eyes.
Great and manifold is His bounty
For He hath given unto me Sam Winchester in a towel.
My heart leapeth within my bosom.
(Yeah, uh, my heart...)
Praise be unto thee, O God -- for thou hast created fine works.
Fearfully and wonderfully made; yea, the work of Thy hand is altogether lovely.
Behold! How it glisteneth.
Behold! The manifest timing of its glorious appearing
In the hour when, my bones sore vexed, unto the depths of my soul
The hours of mine labor long yet curiously unproductive,
The path of mine train commute extended, delayed, and foul of odor,
At last arrived at mine own hearth, my wearied hand reached forth to grasp the remote control
And lo! mine eyes beheld a damp and towel-clad delight --
O thou hot and objectified young man! Thy chiseled torso! Thy belly is like… is like… well, it’s f*kkin’ awesome --
Thy skin all smooth, and... mmmmmmmMMMMMMMMM...!
My spirit still rejoiceth.

And though the quota of mine eye candy be brought to full measure for but an episode, my joy shall never pass from this earth,
Yea, verily, though I lay me down this eve and rise not up again at dawn -- though I rise up nevermore
I shall die a happy woman.

Hearken unto me, O CW network! And give ear unto my speaking:
Grant unto us a series renewal
And let not this phenomenon pass from the earth.
At least not the damp and towel-wearing parts anyway, please.







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