Sometimes, for no reason at all, it hits me really hard how much I miss being an expat.
A fascinating thing is happening to my DVD player.

If I touch it, it turns off.

It doesn't matter where I touch it. Sides, top, buttons, fingertip, side of wrist, elbow...bare skin of any kind, maybe?

I'd say it was electroshock, but there are no rugs. It's fascinating. It feels like magic. Except I cannot also turn it back ON by this method.

I doubt this bodes very well at all. And it was code-free, too...


Dec. 16th, 2009 01:38 pm

Oh wow, I had a LOT of subconscious resentment in there, didn't I, for the mere crime of moving (VITAL!) things like the apostrophe key to a silly and nonintuitive place.

But it's all better now, isn't it, yes my precioussssssssss....

(Still not sure how I feel about that mousepad with the buttons not separate from the touch-surface...but this I think would affect my life far less than trying to shift between computers with keys in radically different places on a daily basis. This close, this close I came to going Acer or HP... *whew*)

Heh. Now to save up.
Fairly decent weekend overall. Read more... )
Brian Blessed (sorry -- BRIAN BLESSED) has my same birthday! But in the year my mom was born!!!
There are (at least) two ways of employing this phrase. I wish more people would note the difference between them.

To say:

"Some of my best friends are [blank], and therefore I see their point/can't stand idly by on this issue even though it doesn't affect me/do not wish to countenance your offensive comments and actions"

and so on is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL from:

"Some of my best friends are [blank], and therefore I have leave to say [offensive/wrongheaded/prejudiced and overgeneralized thing], because I have an 'honorary in,' and therefore I get a free pass."

This first is admirable, the second cowardly. "Some of my best friends" should not be the hair-trigger phrase that it is without considering this.

(I've been a "linker-blogger" rather than a "thinker-blogger" all freaking week now, so I figured I'd drop a random thought of my own in there. :-D)
Sherman Alexie is the reason this sort of thing was first brought to my attention.

(This and me having to argue for up to a full half hour with sundry editors that it was not correct to call a Bajan songstress or a London-born writer "African American"...that it was not a style or grammar question or something we needed to have any meetings in order to form a policy on it, it was simply inaccurate and factually, geographically, and politically unsound...)

Specificity is difficult, but correct, I think. (My druthers, we'd have lists and everyone would be made familiar with them in grade school -- Cree, Crow, Ojibwa, Salish, K'iche', and so on. * hubristically remakes world in my image* ~__^)

What's in a Name?
...innocently Googling random (but plausible) misspellings...

Fourth entry down -- sometimes serendipity is scary

Elsewhere, Microkhan: "My momma always said, 'If he kills people, you don't date him.'" Serial Killer Launches Pop Album.

Sixty-five percent of the French now favor collection of ethnic stats. (France has traditionally not done this on the grounds of "We are all French" and "egalité/fraternité.") I think this attitude has had good and bad effects. Interesting to see where this will lead.
One hundred-odd pages into "Kushiel's Mercy" and I feel more than a little frustrated. Read more... )


Apr. 27th, 2009 10:20 am
I'm not ready for spring, but then I'm never ready for spring. I'm looking at all these people in skirts with no jackets and thinking "How brave!" and "What if it's cold this evening!?"

Every April/May, I always feel immodest for about a month and a half. Immodest and lacking a barrier between my butt and the subway seats... woo-hoo, swine flu! :-( I'm gonna start carrying a Lysol can, I swear.)

Happy Birthday, [ profile] tammylee! (You and your SPRING SNOW. brrr...)

I will try not to ruin your cake in my dreams. ;-)
The Painted Bunting is ridiculously cute.
Lance Manion draws surprising and ponderable links between the Kindle, AIG execs, and your average county fair. Essentially an assessment of alienation and the human need for that which is tactile, in order to remain human:

[E]ven if all [former AIG exec Jake DeSantis's] claims about himself aren't bullshit, they are claims about himself. He himself is his only object of concern. He shows no sign that he understands that his job was playing not just with other people's money but with their lives.

People lost their jobs, lost their homes, lost their life savings because of things AIG and the other big Wall Street casinos did. It doesn't matter that he was personally honest and competent, he was still part of it. In fact, his honesty and competence contributed to the disasters, because he helped keep that division, and AIG, going while the mess was being made. The mess was bigger, the harm was greater, because he gave his incompetent and dishonest colleagues cover and time to continue making messes and doing harm.

It doesn't matter if he didn't know what was going on at the time. He knows it now. And it should bother him. He should feel guilty, even if the actual blame doesn't fall on him. It should bother him that he's pocketing millions of dollars while the people who were screwed by his fellow wheelers and dealers are wondering if they're going to have enough money to buy groceries next week.

But I get no sense that he has a sense that other people besides himself were screwed or that they even exist to be screwed.

This led me here: DeSantis's NYTimes Op-Ed

And then here: Blogger Matt Taibbi takes it apart point by point

Before that, I was here: Slate: Why does Star Wars take over the minds of small boys? (Er, I would submit that observations of one's two own sons does not a viable "study" make, but whatever. Also, the title is actually "still take over" but I think the question the essay actually addressed is the one I typed above. Whatever, it's still pretty cute.)

Which led me here (hee!): Read more... )

WAH HA HA! Muppet Star Wars! )
Things you should not do while your hands are full of cafeteria lunch (or anytime, really): Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT try to stop the elevator doors from closing with your head.




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