Is it me, or does Catelyn Stark look remarkably like President Roslin?

(And by what logic is everyone pronouncing "Catelyn" with a short A?)

And hey...What exactly is the criterion for a show appearing on BBC America, anyway?

Moffat, why do you play with me so? I want to be miffed at you, I have such issues with you, but I'm having so much fun now you've given me a Doctor who is actually being what the Doctor is supposed to be, plus a side of people who will regularly call his bullshit. *love hearts flying from eyes* ("I'm a monk." BAHAHAHAHAHA!) Now give me a non-Earthian companion again and I will have truly come home. Or a Vastra and Jenny spinoff show. I ask for so little. (Oh, and maybe a complete absence of Daleks and Cybermen forevermore?)

Still not buying badass Rory. But liking badass Rory well enough. Sensible? Who knows, does it matter? I've only ever bought badass Nine and badass Donna Noble on this show anyway.

Playing "doesn't s/he look just like" with Mom yet again, it's been decided that Yoon Hee Suk is a ringer for Roger from "What's Happening" when he wears glasses (it's the grin) and is kinda adorable as an immature putz (ok mom does not agree there, she is a meanie) and we are ashamed we did not recognize him as the evil magistrate from "Gumiho." (Mom finds him cuter in Chosun garb. She is not without reason. I actually just find him cuter when he is evil.)

Wish the upcoming Teen Wolf did not look so horrible.

I have too much to do. The proper response to this should not be doing nothing. But dangit it is the Sabbath. Ha! Battle cry of the conveniently religious...
Well, it's very NEARLY Halloween anyway.

The scary thing is that the Brad Pitt/Scarlett Johanssen one looks kind of natural. (Even scarier than the fact that I can pick out Orlando Bloom anywhere. But not nearly as scary as the fact that Superman goes with everything. He is all purpose. Whoooooo.)
...looks spookily similar to Jennifer Garner here (it's the upper lip I, think),bpress1,67959,10.html



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