So, okay, I promised this one a really, really long time ago. And I have excellent reasons for it not happening, oh yes I do.

But since I'm sitting here at work with about 2 percent of the staff, quietly doing jack shite, I figured -- hey, why not NOW?


Ethiopian Wedding pix, Afula, Israel, March 17, 2007

Yeah, I'm really, really late.

I tried to caption most of the pix, which won't show up on the slideshow option.

Will update/elaborate on this in a bit. (Wouldn't you know it, NOW TONS OF WORK shows up. *bravely wields red pen*)

Two dollars to the pound! I'll never be able to go anywhere again.

*fondly remembers shopping sprees of 2002, when a pound was $1.30*

currency converter

The pound was two bucks when my parents got married. In the sixties! And it had 240 cents in it!

(Wait, maybe it was worth six dollars back then.)
(Okay, maybe this isn't so bad)
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YESTERDAY: Attended an Ethiopian Jewish wedding in Afula (near Galilee). Possibly the most joyous occasion I have ever witnessed. Much funky dancing in counterclockwise pattern. Was the ONLY PERSON PRESENT who spoke no Hebrew or Amharic. Still joyous. Sign langauge and a big smile will get you far, I find. *practices self-deprecating expression* Time on invitation: 6:30 pm. Time arrived: 8:15 pm. Time wedding started: 10 pm. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

1 and 1/2 hour drive. Back to bed by 2:45 am. Woke up today at 6am. I have become a very effective sleepwalker. Jerusalem tomorrow.

TODAY: Attended the science fair at the international school. Kids are cute. I want one. Not a single potato clock in sight. Was sad. Learned much about the effects of Coke on teeth and pH on plants. Also, Britney Spears kills seedlings. Who'd'a thunk?

SUNDAY: Back in the States at 7:45AM. Plan to sleep for a million hours straight.

MONDAY (or THEREABOUTS): Will post happy wedding pics. God I'm tall. Thbbbbbbbbpt. =P
Had my b-day on a kibbutz in Caesaria (Qesariyya). Most gorgeous beach ever. Tempted to move in. Was not successful. Probably a good thing. Place full of kids on holiday (Sukkot).


Saw Nazareth today. Was proselytized by hot Israeli Arab Christian tour guide at YMCA-sponsored "ancient Nazareth village." Don't think it took. Temperature very high -- definitely in desert over here...

Spent afternoon with a gentleman who runs a program that helps Ethiopian Jews acclimatize. Amazing story about escape through Sudan 21 yrs ago. Seriously thinking about writing up his story. (Gave me a mezuzzah!)

Weather lovely. Food great. (Feeling extremely healthy, like the stuff is grown in quality soil or something.) Atmosphere shockingly mundane.

Jerusalem tomorrow. Dead Sea (Salt Sea to locals) Saturday.

More later...
In Tel Aviv. Back next week. Wish me luck and, uh, you know, no, er, Cammy-go-boom, yeah?


(much love)


home again

Jun. 26th, 2006 04:18 pm
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Finally back from the family bosom -- my cousin's wedding up in Hartford.

In flagrant contradiction of my constant bitching about aforementioned family, I had the best time ever ever. Really. It was moving and touching and genuinely happy. The vows were beautiful. The ceremony was short. No bridesmaids fainted. Only one person -- whom I don't credit much anyway -- said to me, "so when's your turn?" And this was toward the end of the evening, with the excuse of booze.

Miraculously, I did not fuck up my impromptu recorded message for the bride and groom. (Those things are horrible by the way. Far FAR worse than being faced with an unexpected answering machine. *chills*)

Everyone was friendly and got along.

I am confused.

Maybe it was the catching of the 6am train this morning that has disoriented me.

Am unnaturally content.

More later.


PS There are pix! Pix I do not hate!

PPS I realize this time and time again, and it never ceases to amaze -- I have utterly forgotten how to be religious. I have lost the knack of interjecting praise for Christ at proper intervals in my casual conversation. (I did refrain from saying "damn" around the appropriate people. Yay for me!)



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